The Law Office of Michael Panagos in Westfield New Jersey has the experience
and broad legal knowledge to represent you in Municipal Court Matters and Proceedings.

Michael Panagos' Court Credentials Include:
• Former Union County First Deputy Counsel
• Former Municipal Prosecutor
• Former Public Defender

Although there are no guarantees, a high percentage of our clients received Reduced Sentences, Fines or have been cleared of All Charges!

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The Law Office of Michael Panagos represents clients in:
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Municipal Court Matters & Proceedings

Are You Facing "Charges"?
Do You Know Your "Rights"?
What's The Best Defense?

Any of the following charges may result in
Heavy Fines, Loss of License and or Imprisonment!
Are You Properly Prepared With Legal Representation?

Most Frequently Handled Municipal Court Charges:
• DUI & DWI • Illegal Drug Possession • Leaving the Scene of An Accident • Careless & Reckless Driving • Exceeding the Speed Limit
• Driving While Suspended • Driving Unlicensed • Driving Un-Insured
• Assault & Battery • Domestic Violence • Shop Lifting • Disorderly Persons

In New Jersey, Leaving the Scene of an Accident is a very serious offense. A conviction of this charge
can involve fines, license suspension, and even jail, depending on whether or not there was an injury
involved and or the extent of any property damage involved in the accident. Conviction for leaving the scene
of an accident also involves a mandatory license suspension (ranging from six months to a year) for the first offense.

Pleading guilty to a charge of drug possession or are convicted of the offense that a drug related offense can,
under Title 35 of New Jersey statute of law, result in a motor vehicle license suspension.

DWI (driving while intoxicated) and DUI (driving under the influence) are the legal terms for what many people call drunk driving. In New Jersey, this is arguably the most serious motor vehicle violation one can commit. Courts do not take DWI/DUI cases lightly and judges are required to impose significant fines and lenghty license suspensions to those who commit such offenses, even first time offenders. Under certain circumstances, the prosecutor may be seeking a jail sentence.